Status Pages

Showcase your service uptime with status page.

Communicate incidents and maintenances to yourĀ users within status pages and decent e-mails.

Notify your users about maintenance and incidents.

Build the trustworthiness of your service. A decent e-mail notification is a great way how to let your customers know how long you’ll be off. They’ll be prepared and stay tuned.

Private status page with password protection.

It’s revealing when support team don’t have to ask dev’s about updates. Share an internal status page only with your teammates thanks to password protected status page.

Status page with all you need.

Response times

Share response times so users can see how you thrive to be as fast as possible.

Custom domain

Set up status page on your own domain, likeĀ

Custom design

Play well with your brand. Add logo and customize colors and fonts as you wish.

Efficient Diagnostics

Color-coded error reporting allows you to instantly see the severity of an error. Reports include server info, response time, packet loss data, and more.

Configure Checks

Schedule critical checks from within the Domain Health tool for the fastest, most comprehensive monitoring of your domain.

Test Everything

From SSL checks to testing 301 redirects, the Domain Health status tool helps IT teams track a siteā€™s optimization over time.

Inline Reporting

Detailed metrics on failed checks are available within the health report, providing a cohesive overview of all technical aspects regarding your domain.