All you really care about monitored in one place.

Website monitoring

Be the first who knows that your website is down. Reliable monitoring warns you before any significant troubles and saves you money.

SSL certificate monitoring

Don’t lose visitors because of expired SSL certificate. Get notified 30, 14 and 7 days before expiration so you have time to renew.

Port & ping monitoring

Is your server online? Is the email service running on port 465 still UP? Let’s check! Monitor any specific port or ping any service.

Heartbeat monitoring (Cron)

You send request and we check if it arrives on time. Great way to monitor recurring jobs or intranet devices connected to the internet.

Advanced features for advanced users.

Response times

See your response times in a chart and reveal performance hiccups.

Keyword monitoring

Periodically check whether the keyword appears on a page.

Maintenance windows

Set up maintenance windows to pause the monitoring during the maintenance.

Share incident updates

Send status updates via an email to your Status page subscribers.

Custom HTTP requests

Need to set an advanced HTTP header? We’ve got you covered!

Multi-location checks

We verify incidents from various geo-locations to prevent false-positives.

Efficient Diagnostics

Color-coded error reporting allows you to instantly see the severity of an error. Reports include server info, response time, packet loss data, and more.

Configure Checks

Schedule critical checks from within the Domain Health tool for the fastest, most comprehensive monitoring of your domain.

Test Everything

From SSL checks to testing 301 redirects, the Domain Health status tool helps IT teams track a site’s optimization over time.

Inline Reporting

Detailed metrics on failed checks are available within the health report, providing a cohesive overview of all technical aspects regarding your domain.